Roofing Equipment

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Powered Deck Equipment


FRS Canada carries a full line of industry leading powered deck equipment and machines with also some of the  industries firsts!!

Roofing Kettles


FRS Canada carries a full line of roofing kettles. With many different sizes, shapes, and capacities we have one that will fit your needs. We also have kettles with industry leading design and even industry firsts for the roofing kettle segment.

Waterproofing Melters

FRS Canada carriers a full line of waterproofing melters. Designed with a Oil Jacket Heating Design to minimize heating time and to provide even heating throughout the entire amount of material.



Cold Process Equipment


FRS Canada carries a full line of cold process equipment. From small push style equipment to trailer mounted we have the solutions to tackle your jobs.

On-Deck Equipment

FRS Canada carries a full line of on-deck equipment. From trailers to blowers to roof dryers, we have the tools to tackle you jobs: big or small.

Safety Products

FRS Canada carries a full line of safety equipment. With products that are exclusively available in Canada through FRS, such as the NEW Cobra Mobile Fall Protection Carts, to the worlds original Fall-Ban Cable Guard System, we have something that will solve your safety problems.

Ground to Roof 

FRS Canada carries a full line of Ground to Roof Equipment. With products that are only available through FRS such as the German Versa-Lift and to the all NEW Garlock Atlas Mega Hoist, we can get everything up on the roof for you.

Heat Welding Equipment 

FRS Canada is a certified distributor of BAK, Leister, Seivert and  Centrix Roofing products for Canada. We maintain a full stock of hot air tools, parts and accessories, but are happy to order specific equipment for you when needed.